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Receive expert coaching from BCCI level A Certified Coaches who are passionate about nurturing talent.


BCCI Level A Certified Coaches

At Cricbuds, our cricket academy boasts the expertise of BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) Level A Certified Coaches. These coaches are not only experienced in the sport but have also received the highest level of certification in coaching. This ensures that your child receives top-notch coaching from professionals who understand the intricacies of the game, providing valuable insights, personalized training plans, and mentorship. With BCCI Level A Certified Coaches, you can rest assured that your child is learning from the best in the field, fostering a strong foundation for their cricketing journey.

Video Analysis and Bowling Machine

Cricbuds takes training to the next level by offering cutting-edge technology to enhance players' skills. We provide video analysis services, allowing students to review their performance, identify strengths, and pinpoint areas for improvement. This visual feedback aids in accelerating skill development. Additionally, our academy features a state-of-the-art bowling machine. This machine delivers consistent and precise deliveries, allowing players to fine-tune their batting or bowling techniques. It's a valuable tool for players looking to perfect their skills through repeated and controlled practice.

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Sending my child to Cricbuds was the best decision ever! The BCCI Level A Certified Coaches and top-notch facilities have transformed my child into a budding cricketer. I'm thrilled with the progress and the individualized attention they receive.

Maria Claud
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As a regular nets user at Cricbuds, I can vouch for the high-quality practice experience. The indoor and outdoor nets, along with the bowling machine, make it a haven for cricket enthusiasts like me. The staff's support and maintenance of the nets are truly commendable.

Antoine Huffmann
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Cricbuds is an inclusive academy that caters to all. I've been renting the nets for my practice sessions, and it's been an excellent experience. The welcoming environment and well-maintained facilities make it a fantastic choice for anyone looking to improve their cricket skills.

Nadine Petrolli
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